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Pediobius sp., arrow points at anterior concave part of petiole

Pediobius wengae Hansson, paratype female

Paracrias alticola Hansson, thoracic dorsum, paratype female

Paracrias alticola Hansson, head frontal, paratype female

Pediobius nishidai Hansson, paratype female

Pediobius pyrgo (Walker), non-type female

Pediobius smithi Ahlstrom, non-type female

Author, year, journal with original description

Walker, F., 1846, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 17:184

Type species

Entedon imbreus Walker (lectotype in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names

Amestocharis Girault; Chrysoatomoides Girault; Cluthaira Cameron; Entedonomyia Girault; Entedonopseus Girault; Epacrias Girault; Epipleurotropis Girault; Eupleurotropis Girault; Heptomerus Rondani; Horismenopsis Girault; Mesentedon Girault; Mestocharoideus Girault; Mestocharomyia Girault; Microterus Spinola; Neopseudacrias Dodd; Pleurotropis Förster; Pseudacrias Girault; Pseudacriasoides Girault; Rhopalotus Förster; Spartiophilus Rondani


Pronotum with transverse carina; propodeum with parallel or posteriorly diverging plicae, which are distinctly angular posteriorly; petiole with anterior part concave, to embrace the protruding propodeal nucha

Number of species

196, of which 23 are from the Neotropical region





Parasitoids or hyperparasitoids on a wide range of hosts, mainly insects but also eggs of spiders


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