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Omphale earina Hansson, phallobase, arrows point at enlarged volsellar setae

Omphale hermosa Hansson, paratype female

Omphale hermosa Hansson, thoracic dorsum, paratype female

Omphale hermosa Hansson, head frontal, paratype female

Omphale hermosa Hansson, paratype female

Omphale aglaia Hansson, paratype female

Omphale aphelonota Hansson, paratype female

Omphale divina (Girault), non-type female

Omphale figena Hansson, paratype female

Omphale flavirufa Hansson, non-type female

Omphale foveata Hansson, non-type female

Omphale huggerti (Hansson), non-type female

Omphale laeviplana Hansson, paratype female

Omphale lissosoma Hansson, paratype female

Omphale obscurinotata (Girault), non-type female

Omphale sp. (semiglobosa-group), female

Author, year, journal with original description

Haliday, A.H., 1833, Entomologists Magazine, 1:339

Type species

Omphale salicis Haliday (lectotype female in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin)

Synonym names

Chrysocharoideus Ashmead; Chrysocharomyia Dodd; Euderomyia Girault; Eugerium Graham; Exodontomphale Boucek; Holcopelte Förster; Paromphale Girault & Dodd; Pholema Graham; Raphaelonia Girault; Secodes Förster; Smaragdites Westwood


Clypeus delimited by a groove laterally and dorsally; midlobe of mesoscutum usually with two pairs of setae; male genitalia: phallobase with enlarged volsellar setae, digitus usually with two spines

Number of species

251, of which 152 are from the Neotropical region





Parasitoids on gall-forming insects


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