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Inti levis Hansson, body in dorsal view. From ZooTaxa 2729:58-64.

Inti levis Hansson, head in frontal view. Arrows point at groove close to eye margin, protruding upper part of insterscrobal surface, dorsal edge on pedicel. From ZooTaxa 2729:58-64.

Inti levis Hansson, mesosoma in dorsal view. Arrows point at carina along sidelobe of mesoscutum, notauli, stout setae on mesoscutum and scutellum. From ZooTaxa 2729:58-64.

Author, year, journal with original description

Hansson, C. 2010, ZooTaxa, 2729:58-64

Type species

Inti levis Hansson (holotype female in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names



Head and body smooth and shiny, without reticulation; frons with upper part of interscrobal surface protruding up and over frontal suture; vertex and upper frons close to eye margin with a groove; scape and pedicel compressed and wide, and pedicel with a dorsal edge; single pair of setae on midlobe of mesoscutum and scutellum stout; notauli as deep and narrow grooves in posterior 2/3, terminating just before transscutal articulation and with a fovea in very anterior part; sidelobe of mesoscutum with margin between dorsal and lateral parts as a sharp carina; propodeum with wide median carina; forewing with basal bare.

Number of species




Neotropical region: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic




Hansson, C. 2010. Inti  (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) a peculiar new genus from tropical America. ZooTaxa, 2729:58-64