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Horismenus cepheus Hansson, arrows point at scuto-scutellar fovea

Horismenus eumantis Hansson, arrows point at anterolateral foveae on propodeum

Horismenus opsiphanis (Schrottky), arrow points at weak femoral depression

Horismenus opsiphanis (Schrottky), non-type female

Horismenus opsiphanis (Schrottky), head frontal, non-type female

Horismenus opsiphanis (Schrottky), non-type female

Horismenus abagus Hansson, female

Horismenus absens Hansson, female

Horismenus aeneicollis Ashmead, female

Horismenus claviseta Hansson, female

Horismenus chydaeus Hansson, female

Horismenus nexus Hansson, female

Horismenus floridensis (Schauff & Boucek), female

Horismenus puttleri (Grissell), female

Author, year, journal with original description

Walker, F., 1843, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 11:115-117

Type species

Entedon cleodora Walker (lectotype female in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names

Akonda Cameron; Alachua Schauff & Boucek; Dirphiphagus Bréthes; Edovum Grissell; Holcopeltoideus Ashmead; Holcopeltomorpha Blanchard; Horisemus Crawford; Pediobioidea Girault; Perhymenes Bréthes; Podkova Gumovsky & Boucek; Psephenivorus Burks; Psephenivorus mexicanus Burks; Pseudomphale Schrottky; Triolynx  Cameron


Pronotal carina present; scuto-scutellar suture with a fovea; scutellum usually with a median groove and with lateral mesh-rows; propodeum with anterolateral foveae, median carina, submedian grooves and plicae; mesepisternum with an epicnemial protrusion and with femoral depression hardly visible

Number of species




Nearctic and Neotropical regions: all countries in the Neotropical region and U.S.A. in the Nearctic region. Most species in the Neotropical region. One species in Europe, possibly accidentally introduced


Host spectrum very wide, many records as hyperparasitoids. See Hansson 2009 for a host record list 


Walker, F. 1843. Descriptions of Chalcidites found near Lima by C. Darwin Esq.Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 11:115-117

Burks, B.D. 1971. The Nearctic species of Horismenus Walker (Hym., Eulophidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, 73:68-83

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