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Dentalion quadrifer Hansson, habitus. From ZooTaxa 2811:1-21.

Dentalion apon Hansson, head in frontal view. From ZooTaxa 2811:1-21.

Dentalion pinguicornis Hansson, right lateral panel of metanotum. From ZooTaxa 2811:1-21.

Dentalion noyesi Hansson, hind femur with ventral tooth. From ZooTaxa 2811:1-21.

Author, year, journal with original description

Hansson, C. 2011, ZooTaxa, 2811:1-21

Type species

Dentalion pinguicornis Hansson (holotype female in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names



Frontal suture V-shaped in a narrow angle (usually 35-60), and reaching eyes high up on frons; antennal scrobes wide and indistinctly delimited; lateral panels of metanotum divided into two about equal-sized parts by a longitudinal carina ; hind femur with a tooth medioventrally; postmarginal vein always longer than stigmal vein, 1.33.0X as long as stigmal vein.

Number of species




Neotropical region: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago




Hansson, C. 2011. Dentalion (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Entedoninae) a new genus from tropical America with eleven new species. ZooTaxa, 2811:1-21