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Cornugon gibberum Hansson, habitus. From ZooTaxa 2873:1-26.

Cornugon bicornis Hansson, vertex. From ZooTaxa 2873:1-26.

Cornugon leios Hansson, mesoscutum+scutellum dorsal view. From ZooTaxa 2873:1-26.

Cornugon anais Hansson, mesosoma with prepectus lateral view. From ZooTaxa 2873:1-26.

Cornugon unicornis Hansson, wings with interference patterns (WIPs). From ZooTaxa 2873:1-26.

Author, year, journal with original description

Hansson, C. 2011, ZooTaxa, 2873:1-26

Type species

Cornugon diabolos Hansson (holotype female in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names



Eyes large and hairy; mouth opening small; frontal speculum usually present; vertex with a median groove reaching from occipital margin to anterior ocellus; with a fovea below anterior ocellus; frons with a second short row of setae inside row of setae along inner margin of eye; pronotum with a transverse carina close to hind margin; notauli distinct, in anterior 1/3 as a narrow groove and in posterior 2/3 triangular, smooth and deeply impressed; prepectus smooth and shiny with 2 or 3 foveae; propodeal plicae usually present and complete; hindwing colour interference pattern with a bright blue spot apically; petiole with an anterodorsal protrusion covering upper petiolar foramen.

Number of species




Neotropical region: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico




Hansson, C. 2011. Cornugon (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Entedoninae) a new genus from tropical America including ten new species. ZooTaxa, 2873:1-26