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Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), non-type female

Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), non-type female

Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), head frontal, non-type female

Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), non-type male

Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), head frontal, non-type male

Chrysonotomyia auripunctata (Ashmead), phallobase, arrows point at single digital spine

Chrysonotomyia bimaculata Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia conostegiae Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia erugata Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia neeigena Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia pherocera Hansson, non-type female

Chrysonotomyia planiseta Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia serjaniae Hansson, paratype female

Chrysonotomyia tristicha Hansson, holotype female

Author, year, journal with original description

Ashmead, W.H, 1904, Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, 1:344

Type species

Eulophus auripunctatus Ashmead (holotype female in the Natural History Museum, London)

Synonym names

Callifrons Schauff, Yoshimoto, Hansson; Ladna Boucek; Moserina Delucchi


Clypeus delimited by grooves laterally only; pronotum reduced, usually without transverse carina; midlobe of mesoscutum usually with only one pair of setae; male genitalia: digitus usually with only one spine

Number of species

100, of which 97 occur in the Neotropical region



Australasian, Nearctic, Neotropical and Oriental regions, most species in Neotropical region


Parasitoids on gall-midges or other gall-forming insects


Ashmead, W.H., 1904. Classification of the chalcid flies. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, 1:225-551

Hansson, C. 2004. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 2. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 75:1-536 (Chrysonotomyia is treated on pp. 34-122)