Useful websites

Universal chalcidoid database. This is a database with information on the entire superfamily Chalcidoidea of the World. It includes very useful information on families, subfamilies, genera, and species. This site also have links to references, some of which are available as pdf-files, and to images and videos of chalcidoids.

About Chalcidoidea, Gibson. A comprehensive review of the superfamily Chalcidoidea and major links to important information.

About Chalcidoidea, SEL. A comprehensive review of the superfamily Chalcidoidea with major links to important information and an online version of the Handbook of Chalcidoidea.

Key to the Nearctic genera of Eulophidae. This is a dichotomous key. Even though the fauna in the Neotropics is morphologically much more diverse than the Nearctic fauna, and thus considerably more difficult to deal with, this key is useful for the identification of subfamilies (but there are several Neotropical species that do not fit the definition of the subfamilies based on Nearctic species!).

Key to the World Genera of Eulophidae Parasitoids (Hymenoptera) of Leafmining Agromyzidae (Diptera). This website includes a LUCID3 key.

Caterpillars, butterflies & moths of the ACG. This site is to butterflies, moths and their parasitoids of the Guanacaste Conservation Area in Costa Rica. Some eulophids are recorded here.