Key to the genera of Neotropical Entedoninae

This key to the genera of the subfamily Entedoninae in the Neotropical region is under construction. The classification and morphological delimitations are currently insufficiently known for several genera. These genera are under revision and will not be included in the key until they have been properly revised. This revisionary work includes the genera Asecodes, Bridarolliella, Ceranisus, Chrysocharis, Chrysocharodes, Closterocerus, Goetheana, Grassator, Ionympha, Kratoysma, Neochrysocharis, Pelorotelus, Proacrias, Thripobius, and these genera are not yet included. There are also a number of new genera to be described and to be included in the key.

The genera included here are: Acanthala, Aleuroctonus, Ametallon, Apleurotropis, Astichomyiia, Cabeza, Chrysonotomyia, Dasyomphale, Dinopteridion, Driopteron, Emersonella, Entedononecremnus, Eprhopalotus, Euderomphale, Horismenus, Inti, Itahipeus, Klyngon, Microdonophagus, Monterrondo, Neopomphale, Omphale, Oradis, Paracrias, Pediobius, Pediobomyia, Perditorulus, Sifraneurus, Sporrongia, Trisecodes, Tropicharis, Xenopomphale. Altogether almost 1000 species are included.

For each genus there is a link to a fact sheet with information on the number of species, distribution, biology, and other useful information. There is also a link to the key to the species, or if the genus is monotypic (i.e. it includes only one species) the species is treated on the fact sheet for the genus.

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