About the fact sheets

The fact sheets for the genera include information about the author of the genus, the journal where the original description was published, the type species, the type depository, the number of species in the genus, the distribution, biological information, literature, and some general illustrations of the genus. These fact sheets are accessed through the "Genera" page. The fact sheets for species are under construction and those available are accessed through the "Genera" page. Fact sheets for species of the genera Chrysonotomyia, Emersonella, Horismenus and Paracrias are also accessed through the Lucid identification keys. When a species has been identified with the Lucid key just click on the species name to access the fact file.

When moving the cursor over the illustrations on the fact sheet the illustration selected shall be magnified to the left. If this not happens the web-browser has restricted the webpage from running scripts or ActiveX. To disable this block, "Allow blocked content" must be chosen.

The majority of the illustrations on the facts sheets are from the journal Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, volumes 67, 75 and 82 (Eulophidae of Costa Rica 1-3). The illustrations are included here with the consent of the editor of the Memoirs.