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zurquensis Hansson

Emersonella zurquensis Hansson, antenna lateral, female.

Emersonella zurquensis Hansson, antenna lateral, male.

Emersonella zurquensis Hansson, thoracic dorsum, female.

Emersonella zurquensis Hansson, forewing, female.

Original description

Hansson, C. 2002. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 1. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 67:54.




Vertex smooth and shiny; eyes bare; malar sulcus present, but weak; thoracic dorsum moderately convex; pronotum reduced, not visible in dorsal view, without transverse carina; scutellum 1.1X as long as wide; fore coxa dark and metallic, mid and hind coxae yellowish-brown; shape of fore wing characteristic, with apico-dorsal part drawn out; postmarginal vein short, 0.2X the length of stigmal vein.


Colombia, Costa Rica, Saint Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago.




Depository of primary type

Holotype female in Natural History Museum (BMNH), London, England.