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windsori Hansson

Emersonella windsori Hansson, head frontal , female.

Emersonella windsori Hansson, thoracic dorsum, female.

Original description

Hansson, C. 2002. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 1. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 67:81.




Malar sulcus present; frons and vertex with strong small-meshed reticulation; fore and mid coxae yellowish-brown and non-metallic, hind coxa predominantly dark and metallic; forewing speculum open below; forewing setation dense. Similar to pubipennis but larger in size, malar sulcus present and complete, hind coxa predominantly dark and metallic, reticulation on scutellum and mesoscutum engraved and strong, and male gaster entirely dark and metallic.




Parasite in eggs of Omaspides augusta Boheman (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).


Depository of primary type

Holotype female in Natural History Museum (BMNH), London, England.