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angusticollum Hansson

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, antenna lateral, female.

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, antenna lateral, male.

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, head frontal, female.

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, vertex, female.

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, thoracic dorsum, female.

Emersonella angusticollum Hansson, propodeum and petiole, female.

Original description

Hansson, C. 2002. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 1. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 67:34.




Malar sulcus missing; thoracic dorsum moderately convex; scutellum as long as wide; propodeum with two large anterolateral foveas, callus with 3-5 setae; anterior part of petiole long and narrow. Similar to rubii but with an eye groove, frons smooth and shiny, eyes with scattered hairs, female antenna (flagellum and scape) more slender; male scape dark and metallic, postmarginal vein shorter (PM/ST = 0.5), female with first gastral tergite shorter (ratio length of first tergite/LG rubii = 0.6, articollum = 0.3), longer narrow anterior part of petiole; also similar to setifer but with a transverse pronotal carina, hairy eyes, and mesosoma less convex.


Costa Rica.




Depository of primary type

Holotype female in Natural History Museum (BMNH), London, England.