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ampliocula Hansson

Emersonella ampliocula Hansson, antenna lateral, female.

Emersonella ampliocula Hansson, head frontal, female.

Emersonella ampliocula Hansson, thoracic dorsum, female.

Original description

Hansson, C. 2002. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 1. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 67:55.




Flagellum slender; malar sulcus present; frons narrow between eyes at the level of frontal suture, ratio distance between eyes at this level/width of head= 0.4; frontal suture situated well away from anterior ocellus (3.2X the distance of ocellus); pronotum without transverse carina; scutellum 0.8X as long as wide; propodeum without anterolateral foveas; mid and hind coxae yellowish-white.


Costa Rica.




Depository of primary type

Holotype female in Natural History Museum (BMNH), London, England.