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exilicornis Hansson

Driopteron exilicornis Hansson, antenna lateral, female.

Driopteron exilicornis Hansson, head lateral, female.

Driopteron exilicornis Hansson, vertex, female.

Driopteron exilicornis Hansson, thoracic dorsum, female.

Driopteron exilicornis Hansson, gaster dorsal, female.

Original description

Hansson, C. 2004. Eulophidae of Costa Rica, 2. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute, 75:136.




Marginal vein weakly distorted and with strong tuft of black setae medially; frontal suture incomplete and does not reach eyes; frons pale yellow; vertex yellowish-brown; mesoscutum yellowish-brown; scutellum yellowish-brown in anterior one-half, brown in posterior one-half; gaster predominantly dark with 7th tergite yellowish-brown; female gaster elongate (MM/LG = 0.4); fore wing with eight admarginal setae; FM/HM = 1.2. Similar to cristatum, but with flagellum more slender, larger temples and longer female gaster, MM/LG = 0.4.


Costa Rica.




Depository of primary type

Holotype female in Natural History Museum (BMNH), London, England.